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First Bikini set for me!! I usually wear a one-piece swimming suit, due to my pregnancy, I have to buy a Bikini so I don't have to worry about my belly!
Jessica I love this! You look beautiful in your bathing suit! I feel the same way and will always put that bathing suit on for my kids. In fact I was 9 months pregnant last year on the beach last summer and I got a lot of stares and The same oh honey comments all week long, but I didn’t care because Kendall had so much fun that week and has talked about it almost everyday since!
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With the popularity of social media, more and more moms are baring it all for the camera while wearing a bathing suit. These women have amazing body images and confidence to pose in their swimwear.

Black is known for its slimming effect, but other plain colors such as white and red or even patterns may be just as suitable. Can we wear one-piece swimsuit and still be sexy? One-piece swimwear is sometimes associated with elderly ladies only. However, it is not true and young women may wear it and look perfectly hot and sexy!

Some of our models are simply a must have for the summer seasons! This model may attract attention to one or more of your sexy features and still keep a bit of a mystery.

There is for example a high-leg model which is currently a great hit, balconette or plunge model with an open back. Monokini is also highly appreciated by those who wish to add some sexiness but still do not show too much. They also comes as a string model or in a Brazilian cut.

With these wide and trendy collection, there is no need to opt for a transparent one! How to combine comfort and beauty? Women with generous breasts will particularly appreciate the bathing suits with underwire. They assure excellent support and are available in large sizes.

Indeed, the best solution, that will those ladies really happy is a one-piece swimsuit with an underwire! And on the contrary, those with a small chest may appreciate a chic padded top, a push-up or simply a bandeau model. Talking about bottoms, if you are looking for comfort choose shorty cut or a vintage model which can as well be very convenient for you.

In both cases, one piece has the advantage of being comfortable whether in a retro or modern cut. It is also great for beach sports and those who love swimming pool! I have a ball playing water games with my 6 grandchildren. It encourages and inspires me! Definitely hit home with me. I have not only had a child but I have had 2 back surgeries.

So this year I have been very subconscious of how I look, therefore not getting in the pool with my daughter. Thank you for your words. You are very right. I groan at the approach of Summer and hate reading articles about finding The Perfect Swimsuit because none of them help all of my problem areas!

Just the other day someone asked if I was expecting another baby! We went camping last week, and even though I felt self-conscious… I know my kids just want to have fun and my husband loves me for who I am so I sucked it up and squeezed myself into my too-tight swimsuit. I remember every single time my little brother and I went into water as a child, I would always LONG for my mom to come in and play with us.

We would beg her and beg her, but she would always refuse, because she was so insecure about being overweight. She was indeed about 80lbs overweight, so her fears were very real. But I just felt sad, because I loved my mom so much and wanted her to play with us. Now that I am an adult with two children of my own and a few extra pounds myself from two pregnancies very close together , I definitely understand where my mom was coming from and sympathize with her.

But I would like to just ask the ladies that read this—put the suit on for your kids! They just want to play with you. It is hard to try to get to a place where you step out in that swimsuit in spite of judgement, but it is so worth it. Your kids will always remember those times playing with you, I promise. Hello, I love this. I am sad to say I am a mom who just puts her feet in the water. After having my first and only daughter I Have no embrace my new body very well. Everything I knew about my body has changed.

If I really think about it I only gained 20 lbs with my daughter and was only lbs when she was born. I hope one day I will embrace my body and have confidence you women have in yours. Thanks for the story it did hit home! My oldest and only son, died August 3, of cancer at 47 yrs old. His wife, 3 kids, another daughter and her child, are going to beach. We will have a good time, plus share stories and memories and shed tears of Stephen.

I have gained weight since retiring and losing my son, but bought a bathing suit to wear. The beach we are going to, they have all been to before, but my first time at this one. Looking forward to trip.

There is no way to describe the pain one experiences when losing a child. My heart aches for you. Know that you are loved by many — if you ever need an ear to just listen, I am here.

My personal email is dmpfromri yahoo. I have guttate psoriasis, spider and varicose veins in addition to the extra weight of carrying children.

I wish I could someday prepare myself for the stares of strangers and put on that suit. I live near the ocean, and wearing a dress to the beach is not fun. If I looked like you in a suit I would not even think twice about putting one on.

Thanks for the good read. I just feel so far away from throwing caution to the wind in this area. Thank you for refreshing my memory. Thank you for helping to conjure up those memories of joyful times with my children. They are grown and will be having children of their own in the near future and I want my grandchildren to remember how much fun their grandmother was and how confident and daring she was. I WILL be all this for them and for me.

At the ripe age of 40, I bought my first bikini. Do I look good in it? Not really, but I wear a big floppy hat, sunglasses and smile a lot. I decided long ago if I was meant to be thin, I would have been a lot taller.

Ok, girls, this is a wonderful sentiment. I commend all of you all. But fast forward a few years and I tell you gravity wins! You look great in your swimsuit nothing to be ashamed of! THe best memories are when we get to join in!

That beach is where I grew up in Laguna Beach right? I can tell by the houses in the backdrop! You look awesome and loved reading this! So I saw a friend post this, and just had to comment. I had no idea what the post was about, I just saw a hot woman and decided to read about it. Your gorgeous and your husband is lucky to be with you.

And more importantly, your kids are lucky to have you next to them. Part of the problem for us plus size ladies is finding attractive swimsuits that we like, and fit well. They also have a number of attractive cover-ups. I order several each year, and feel I am at least looking the best I can when I swim with my kids. Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? My now boss showed me the amazing it works products and I have lost 23 pounds since Nov my last cardiologist visit if you have any questions at all about the it works products or how you can try them please please get in touch with me, if you go to my website and scroll all the way down there is a field to file out for questions I will get back to you ASAP.

Kids love you just the way you are when you are spending time with them. How to work on the proper mindset? I know that when I see others in worse condition than myself and they seem to have no inhibitions, I am inspired.

I imagine others just scoff. There are women that have undergone mastectomies, been thru scarring events like fires and surgeries, have skin issues, and they have to deal with the stares of others. I say it to myself!

I did want to say that this is not a pregnancy affliction. I have other friends that have gone thru lots of body shape changing without having children. Beautiful post and you look great!! I love this post! I am VERY petite. I was still working.

Customers just thought I was chunky. Many expected me to carry heavy items down from the up stairs and would get upset when they had to wait for someone else to do it. On an awesome note, Donna Summer came into the store and she was arguing with her guy friend. Honey, can I feel the baby? I am embarrassed to exercise in front of anyone.

I have my daughter and her kids living with me. Come on now, I understand we all can be a little fat after having baby. But we cannot be lazy putting excuses for life. We have to be pretty women and take care of our bodies before having babies and after it. The vast majority of my friends are women, many of whom are mothers. It saddens me to listen to them lament and disclose their insecurities to me when the come to me to a nonjudgmental ear.

One thing I often remind my friends or anyone who comes to me for counsel is that we should not be giving as much of the power over our lives, emotions, and decision making process to others as we are sometimes quick to do.

All we can truly control in life is how we chose to react to the situations presenting to us, so take full control of that and the heck with what some fool my think or have to say.

More than your words though, I am so encouraged by the pictures you shared of yourself playing on the beach with your kids. THAT and You was just beautful! You are such a blessing to many.

I am trying to come up with a saying for a chalkboard…. Put on that swimsuit and choose Joy or something….. I had a few thoughts while reading your wonderful article. There is no better exercise for older people than getting in the water and moving around. My other thought may not be as popular, but. If you decide to wear a bikini when you have fat rolls, expect to be stared at. Those that stare in disgust are giving you the volume of attention you obviously desire.

There are many bathing suit styles for all body types, and I just think it is an exercise in self demoralization to expose fat rolls in public. I learned to love my body while living in Latin America.

I was amazed how every woman walked down the beach as if she looked fabulous no matter what. Even elderly women flaunted their curves. And I saw these women carrying so much less stress than myself and I saw them as beautiful irregardless of body type simply because they believed and projected that. After three kids my boobs hang low and my belly bulges but my confidence is greater now than when I was in my 20s simply because I choose not to let that self-doubt into my head.

Do women want to be hunted by guys? If not, put on that bathingsuit, just like you are, and stop complaining when they complement the skinny woman ft from you, but not you. If you want to be in the attention of other guys, you may have personality issues that need working on, or, you could easily lose 30lbs in 3 months if you wanted it. So many women make up excuses, but really? If you are afraid to lose weight, start looking into your nutrition, and exercise.

You sure DO look pretty in your swimsuit. I just want to highfive you for this post. I hope it reaches far and wide and resonates with every mom who is beating herself up when she looks in the mirror. Love this post and agree completely. Fortunately with age now a grandmother I have gained wisdom and self-acceptance.

True, I have lost quite a few pounds, but still weigh more than I would like; nevertheless, I put on my swimsuit gasp — even a two-piece! I just had my second back surgery in one year. God gifts us with family so we can FULLY enjoy every moment with each other, in which our culture, generation, and responsibilities take too much from as it is! We should never concern ourselves with what others think.

Only with what God thinks about us, and what He thinks in terms of us wasting the very blessings He gifts us with: Thanks so very much! Yours is a bold, truthful, and encouraging testimony!

You do look beautiful in your swimsuit. And you are radiating joy and confidence because you are focused on your children and playing and laughing, not on what you think others may be thinking in a negative context.

You look really good! I hope you continue in your confident stride to the beach because in doing so your beauty is able to shine forth. Thank you for posting your thoughts…. I have two kids oldest is 4, youngest is one and last weekend I put on a bikini for the first time since high school. I was a little insecure out of the water but let myself have fun in the pool with my kids anyway. We jumped and splashed and had a great time. Sure I got stares but my kids were happy.

I have cushings disease so am 40 lbs heavier than I would like to be and have dark stretch marks everywhere but I got into a bikini and made the best of it with my kids. The insides need to match the outsides.

Since transgender plastic surgery operations are covered by health insurance, I support mothers having plastic surgery covered by their health insurance companies. Transgender and other people who have had burns, scars, etc. There is no shame in wearing a swimsuit as a mom, but sometimes for some of us we feel we are in the wrong body suit entirely. Pressure to be ok with it is like telling a person who was born a man but identifies as a woman, that they should be proud of the outside of their body and flaunt it.

Or the same for someone who was disfigured in a fire. I can get in the water, but I will never be fully present until I have my mommy body tuck. I applaude any woman who goes out to the beach or pool, but the internet has lately had a wave of women writing telling women to put bathing suits on with the goal of empowering positive body image or doing it for their kids in a way that comes off as pressuring.

There is no shame in wearing whatever to the beach or pool because you or anyone has gained fat, but if we feel not wanting to reveal the extensive scarring or sagging skin from pregnancy, then it is ok. Our health care companies and our culture would do better to facilitate our physical and mental healing with plastic surgery and fitness instructor sessions.

This is something that needs to change. Motherhood is ripe with them. Pool time is ok, not really thrilling and sort of boring honestly. The author has a husband, which supports her self image, a rock of security, so it is easier to speak of body satisfaction with a mate.

I feel no shame in saying that. Thank you so much, I needed that! I just threw out every single bathing suit I own. And I find this article unbelievably insulting to women like me. You have no idea. Your words mean nothing when she looks as good as she does. I think you may have missed the entire point of this post.

If that means shorts and a tank top or tee shirt which for me it sometimes does , then YES. No, the author is telling women to put on a suit…that is the point of this post. This woman has the right to feel uncomfortable putting on a suit when she knows her body not being firm makes her feel uncomfortable and that it will not snap back quickly.

It is refreshing for someone to not be delusional. Many woman who have children do not feel like they are in their right bodies anymore, and that is valid. The truth is, many of us would legitimately feel better and in our own bodies again, if we could afford plastic surgery.

Asking anyone to buck up and force comfort in a suit is thoughtless. This reminds me of people who put blessed, when really they are just lucky and bragging.

Am I impressed this woman put on a bathing suit? Things that build self-esteem: Things that lower self-esteem: Bathing suit wearing has nothing to do with it.

That IS what this woman is saying, that wearing a bathing suit when you are fat will make you feel good about yourself and you will magically forget what you look like to others and yourself and how uncomfortable you are in the thing. I know I run faster and play more on the beach in a tank top and shorts that I know I will not come spilling out of. Even after reading the article again, I feel her intention is MUCH more about enjoying the activities involved than what she is wearing, or encouraging us to wear.

As for me, I plan to take her advice. I would encourage you to read it again to try to see it from my point of view. I dress for my body type… but more importantly I dress for ME.

I can go to the beach or the pool, and go in the water, without the suit. Why is that not okay? For me, that is absolutely the spirit of this article. Oh how I needed this today! We are blessed enough to have a pool and I am the only one in my family that seems to avoid it like the plague over the last year or so! And you know what, so was I! The first thing I noticed when I saw the photos and before reading the post was how genuinely happy you looked, not how you looked in a swimsuit.

Wonderful thoughts, I hope we can all take your advice and have some fun! Jessica, I have to say, I love this!!!!! When I was younger I always dreaded bathing suit shopping because I was stick thin and built like a boy. Last year I found one that will cover the belly well and leave the back open.

Still have the droopy thighs, but I am going to wear that suit this year if we ever get some days without rain! Your blog made me feel better about it and I just wanted to say thank you very much!!!! I feel the same way, I am much bigger than you and I take my boys to the beach every chance I get!

Just bought a suit today. Took my 13 month old to the beach last week and he never left the shore because I felt fat. I finally decided it was not fair to either of us to miss the joy of the water because of my body image issues. Getting IN the pool. Swimming WITH kids is a joy beyond joy. Love that you put yourself out there and you spoke from your heart, a good place to live. Believe me when I say no one wants to see that. And congrats on your pregnancy! You DO look beautiful and this post is completely inspiring and positive.

I am a 28 year old straight male with a long-term girlfriend. I find this article, and the perpetual discussion about female bodies in the media, to be tragic. I am convinced that women diet not to impress men, but to impress other women. Straight men are, in my opinion, more attracted to the Scarlett Johanssen body type i. Whine all you want about putting on your swimsuit, but the men on that beach are thanking you. You are a brave and brilliant woman. Good for you for realizing early what so many of us took a lot longer to learn: I was almost to the point of giving up and considering just wearing what I wore the first time we took my 2 year old to the beach a month ago Capri pants and a tshirt.

Not the perfect one that hides all the stretch marks while also sucking in my tummy. No, if I continue to look for that one I will miss the summer. Thank you again for this! I wish I had seen this article a long time ago! I started wearing swimsuits again just 5 years ago. At that time, my DH and I had been married for 10 years together for 12 , and he had never seen me in a swimsuit!

I was insecure about the way I looked, and it took me a while to get over it. I am happy to report that I have been wearing a swimsuit every summer since! Please repost this every year — you never know who is going to read it and be changed!

I actually think the print on your swimsuit is absolutely gorgeous!! After all, getting back down to 7 pounds, 6 ounces is totally unrealistic! I just read you whole resting on my bed after the best beach day ever. Usually i seat under the tent, hiding from the sun first but surely from peoples eyes cuz of the soft tummy and extra pounds… while my husband enjoys with my 3 girls in the sea. He wasnt there today, but i felt the call to not make them miss him, or the fun with him, so i put on the swimsuit actually was on but removed the layers!!

I was right there building my daughters memories… Nothing else mattered, believe me. No my weight, my tummy or the way my bathing suit wasnt behaving when confronting the waves. How magic childhood us. So blessed to walk along our children thru that path. I am putting on that swimsuit and heading out with the kiddos. I want my kids to remember the fun we had together, not how flat my stomach was. Thank you thank you thank you.

Life is too short to ever miss out on joy, especially with our children. And by the way, your husband sounds awesome, and like he is setting a great example as well. My only thought is that I suspect that those other women you junk are judging are most likely the women who are jealous you have the confidence to play with your kids in the ware in a swim suit! And I agree, you do look gorgeous in your swimsuit!!

Mom, are you coming in? It is truly a blessing to read such kind words shared by women. Thanks for the motivation and reminder to keep a healthy perspective. I identify on so many points. Thank you so much for having the balls to go out there. I really needed this post today.

I will not allow this voice to be present anymore! Thank you for posting this. I am going on vacation with my husbands family and we are going to the beach. I will be 14 weeks pregnant and was worried how I would look. Now that I read this I am going to get a swimsuit and wear my future child with pride instead of hide under the umbrella!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article!!! I love the water but gave up swimming because I was so embarrassed by the way I look now.

I never thought about it like that before. I started crying while reading this. I bought one last summer and wore it but still felt self conscious and yet I got out in the lake and in the river with the kids. They are in their teen years now, but they still need me and they still deserve to see me comfortable with myself. I brought it anyway and wore it every day at the lake. It made me feel great, and so much more ok with myself.

Thanks for addressing this. Moms need to hear things like this to remind us of our most important job and our biggest blessing- raising our kids. This is just so great!! Thank you for putting words to this, because it really is a problem for so many women. After my first two children, I was much heavier than when I got married. I was so ashamed and self conscious. Then a few years later I had twins and that was the end of my swimsuit days altogether.

I found a swimsuit that I can feel good in, and I no longer sit on the side of the pool, but get in and splash with my kids! I am so happy for you, and all of you that have come to this place in your life. Now at I am fairly mortified! I hope to put on the swimsuit, I just ordered!

But, when I look at other women, my size, nearly my size, bigger than me, that are out there having fun, getting some sun and splashing in the water, I am so happy for them!

For all I know they used to be lb… or maybe lb! I just envy them their freedom. Let it be ME! This is so true for grandmas aunts and everyone else. Do you really think everyone is watching you???? I am so grateful to have read this post! I started crying realizing all of the memories that I have missed out on because of my insecurities and the influences those insecurities have had on my three beautiful daughters. You have inspired me to put my bathing suit back on and jump in the water with my babies!

Thank you for your inspiring words and your courage to say what needed to be said! I am 61 and never been thin, actually was thinner after giving birth than before I got pregnant. We lived walking distance from the beach and spent every weekend there.

She loved me being with her. Maybe I got the confidence from my mom, she wore a bathing suit even though she was not skinny. Yesterday, I laid down on the ground so my granddaughter could trace me in chalk. How can I teach my daughter that she is beautiful as she is if she hears her mother tear herself down? How we talk about ourselves and treat ourselves speak volumes to our children. When I do exercise, I tell my daughter it is because I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. Even though I do it to also to be in better shape.

I want to share my life with my kids, not watch from the sidelines. Hi, everyone, so touched by these stories. It is a little sad that we are socialized to want that model-thin body, when motherhood and maturity dictates otherwise.

For me, I have graduated from bikini, to tankini to swim dress as I have aged. But my now adult children always took for granted that I would be in the water with them. Who wants to miss any of that! At age 70 I also still walk the 5K, babysit a two year old and an eight month old, and love every minute. Great article, the same principle holds true concerning your relationship with your husband. We love our wives, you are beautiful to us and always have been through the stages of life!

Your body image blues can negatively marital intimacy and your relationship with your husband. Wives we love you, your bodies are beautiful!

Thank you so much for this life-altering post and especially your pictures. Joy and beauty is all I see. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Brought me to tears. Last week we took our 18 year old daughter — our baby — to Atlantis as a graduation gift.

We had a great time!!!! This goes for moms with grown children too. I thoroughly enjoyed having my mother-in-law put on her swimming suit and go boogie boarding in the ocean with us every day of vacation! Just yesterday, I went to the pool with my kiddos for a birthday party.

I have gained 40 lbs. And while there, it occurred to me: And looking like a real woman is nothing to be ashamed of … period! The only way I can wear a traditional suit is to drop lbs. Wish my sister in law would listen to such advice vs listening to the negativity her Sons and Husband have heaped on her about her body.

She wont even wear shorts in the summer due to it. I am over weight and put on a suit and shorts and play with my family. Do I wear skin tight ones — nope. Dont like them — never have — good body or not. Few yrs ago we were on vacation and there was a lady at the beach that had to be plus pounds — I was so proud to see her out having fun with her family at the beach in a swimsuit. Dont worry about others — get you bums out there and have a good time.

Even if it means you swim in a MooMoo SP? So happy my friend put this in her news feed. This really is true, and just because you lose weight does not mean you will be happy to take candid pictures either. You really do have to value your family over looks and have a good time doing things rather than worrying what other people think. Loosing almost a hundred pounds does not give you a bikini body, I have stretch marks and loose skin in my mid section and between my thighs that I think actually looked better when I was fat and would probably gross people out more if I showed it.

I have to get swimwear that hides it. Thought you might appreciate this Harris poll: I am so tired of the snarkiness that one finds so prevalent on the internet, especially re body issues. Thank you for a great read! Oh i like this post! You say the true about body immage. It is a good Inspiration. I hope many moms learn about this. Es ist ein fabelhafter Artikel. Sie sprechen mir aus der Seele. Ich finde es nicht gut, das mittlerweile ein so verkehrtes Bild vom eigenem Körper suggeriert wird.

Ich hoffe das dein Artikel manche mom zum umdenken bringt. You are a beautiful beautiful woman and your children look happy and loved. Enjoy your summer, you worked very hard for this time to relax and celebrate being alive.

It looks bad, and it makes me in turn feel insecure and embarrassed. Oh Maureen, I feel for you. You might be surprised how many people you will encourage. Even after losing 30 pounds I still hold onto insecurities and worry too much about the way I look. The ageless actress puts her famous curves on display in a plunging purple one-piece while watering her lawn.

Her bikini is from her own line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach! The Being Mary Jane actress upgraded her coverup selection by pairing a striped hooded Hot as Hell kimono with her patterned khaki string bikini.

Tropez wearing a star-print swimsuit. Alessandra looked as pretty as her surroundings in Mykonos, Greece with her white lace swimsuit and colorful beach jewelry.

Rather, she wore their names, Chance and Frankie, on her customized Private Party swimsuit. Chanel was dripping when she took a dip in the ocean, but not just in water — in jewelry.

The super social star picked the hottest trend of the summer: A high-waisted sporty suit from Kore , perfect for active days at the beach. The star shared shots sporting this two-toned one piece , a black thong bikini and a pastel pink two piece with her fans on Instagram. As for her secret to avoiding wacky tan lines? The top model made her mark in Cannes — not only for her Klossy presentation, but also because of her chic scoop neck navy top and high-waisted bottoms.

The star brings even more heat to the Miami beach in a black, high-cut bikini teamed with layered necklaces and oversize hoop earrings. The supermodel takes a break from filming her new movie and explores the sites in Tuscany, while wearing a range of bikinis, naturally. She also took to her Instagram story to show off another cute bikini an off-the-shoulder top and cheeky ruched bottom while boating on the Mediterranean.

Is it ridiculously adorable? Yes, our jaws dropped too. During her family vacay to St. Nina had all the essentials for a perfect girls weekend: Gisele riding a unicorn into the sunset. Leave it to Hailee to find a way to make a bikini both sweet those bubble gum pink stripes!

The model had a really tough time getting back to work in Her first job of the year sent her to the Bahamas and she had enough down time to lounge on the beach in a tiny string ViX bikini and cute sunhat. Some people have it hard. Thanks to Sara, we can all rest easy knowing the thong bikini is still in style for

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